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Surgical Outcomes of Retinal Detachments Without Breaks

Parapun Bamroongsuk M.D.,

Apichart Singalavanija M.D.,

Jutarai Tantaterdtum M.D.,

Chakraponge Namatra M.D.,

Adisak Trinavarat M.D.,

Nattawut Rodanant M.D.

ABSTRACT : Forty-five patients with retinal detachment without breaks were analyzed. All cases were treated by encircling scleral buckling combined with pars plana vitrectomy and gas injection. Eighteen cases were phakic detachment, eleven cases were aphakic detachment and sixteen cases were pseudophakic detachment. Statistic analyses showed that there was statistically significant difference in anatomical reattachment and repoerated requirement between phakic and aphakic or pseudophakic group. The surgical outcomes of these three groups showed that the phakic group had the best result. The limitation in visualization and surgical approach made the unsatisfactory results in aphakic or pseudophakic group.

Key words : Retinal detachment without breaks, encircling scleral buckling, phakia, aphakia, pseudophakia,

Thai J Ophthalmol 1999 ; January-June : 13(1) : 35-44.