What’s Endophthalmitis? Evidence-Based vs Common sense-Based Medicine

Updated 2017-01-09 09:20:00


        Exogenous Endophthalmitis

        Post-operative Endophthalmitis

        Traumatic Endophthalmitis

        Endogenous Endophthalmitis


Sterile (non-infectious, pseudo) endophthalmitis

               Any acute intraocular inflammation without infection that resolves without antibiotic treatment



               The inflammation of all eye tissue, usually involve sclera, orbit and surrounding soft tissue



-        Hypopyon Endophalmitis

-        Ulcer: Corneal infiltrate and epithelial defect

-        Endophthalmitis

-        Uveitis: HLA-B27, Behcet

-        Masquerade: intraocular lymphoma

-        Intent anterior chamber reaction


               Ophthalmic ultrasound

§  Help to evaluate posterior segment in the media opacity cases

§  Remember !!! Endophthalmitis is CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS


EVS (1995)

               Conclusion: Omission of systemic antibiotic treatment can reduce toxic effects, costs, and length of hospital stay. Routine immediate vitrectomy is not necessary in patients with better than light perception vision at presentation but is of substantial benefit for those who have light perception- only vision

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